ročná žena
15. 7.
birdzovska karma
ľudí ho odoberá
tajných ctiteľov
prihlásený 31. 3. 2016

To čo tu chcem mať

" In my mind s eye I still have the image of my first night flight in Argentina. It was a dark night, with only occasional scattered lights glittering like stars on the plain.

Each one , in the ocean of shadows, was a sign of the miracle of consciousness.

In one home people were reading , or thinking , or sharing confidences.

In another , perhaps , they were searching through space, wearying themselves with the mathematics of the Andromeda nebula.

In another they were making a love.

These small flames shone far apart in the landscape , demanding their fuel.
Even the most unassuming of them , the flame of the poet, the teacher or carpenter.

But among these living stars , how many closed windows, how many extinct stars, how many sleeping men..

We must surely seek unit. We must surely seek to communicate with some of those fires burning far apart in the landscape.