As you said yesterday:
Best things are the unseen
Can you see them?
Do you want to see the monsters scream?
End of the world. You know that it´s coming.
Frozen world or what? It can be tomorrow or in the summer while eating an ice cream.
Grizzly bears running out there on the streets. Or zombies.
Hey, can you see it? It´s apocalypse. Nothing will be green.
Jacket on the floor, toilet paper on the ceiling. Inverted gravity? Oh, where´s my screen?
Kangaroos in the space. They discover new places. But only in sci-fi.
Love - will it last till the end like in the catastrophic movies you have ever seen?
Muse - it will never disappear. Some of us will have muse also in the moment of death.
Nonchalant people. They will not notice the end of the world. The end of the queen.
Oh, it´s chaos out there.
Peace? It does not exist. There can be only war in the times like these. I hear the keen.

Quiet. Are you hiding in a hole? Where is your pride?
Rebels destroyed anything.
Say... What is your last wish? Is it any need to hide?
Trees. They don´t exist anymore.
Universe swallowed us.
Violence stopped. Finally.
World is gone, and..

blackrisq  8. 12. 2014 22:54
dobré dobré, je tam zopár gramatických a iných formálnych chýb, ale celkovo sa mi to páči
pachirisue  8. 12. 2014 22:56
@blackrisq to mi je jasné chyby robím často

ale dík,a som rada že sa páči
thrwtchr  5. 1. 2015 15:06
Kráľ je nahý. Koruna tvorstva padá.
pachirisue  5. 1. 2015 15:28
antifunebracka  8. 11. 2015 21:19
aj mne sa to paci
pachirisue  9. 11. 2015 01:33
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