P: Wait. 

N: We just saved the world, can't leave anything to chance.

P: But can we change things if we do it differently?

N: What's happened, happened. Which is an expression of fate in the mechanics of the world. It's not an excuse to do nothing.

P: Fate?

N: Call it what you want.

P: What do you call it?

N: Reality. Now let me go. 

P: Hey you never did tell me who recruited you.

N: Haven't you guessed by now? You did! Only not when you thought. You have a future in the past. Years ago for me, years from now for you.

P: You've known me for years?

N: For me, I think this is the end of a beautiful friendship.

P: But for me it's just the beginning.

N: We get up to some stuff. You gonna love it. You'll see. This whole operation is a temporal pincer.

P: Whose?

N: Yours! You're only half way there. I'll see you in the beginning, friend.

P.S.: Don't get bitten by an infected kitten. 

tequila  9. 6. 2022 16:19
nemam sajn, o com to bolo
domek  9. 6. 2022 16:34
@tequila ale, o ničom takom, iba o červenom prívesku
johnysheek  10. 6. 2022 00:43

je to zaujimave, ale az cerveny privesok ma zaviedol k spravnemu pochopeniu...
0903123417  10. 6. 2022 16:01
I got boat loads of meth dope i m a money geter
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