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Vyhľadaj svoje meno v urban dictionary


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Čo vám vyhodí ako prvé, keď zadáte svoje meno v urban dictionary? :D


Názory k téme

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    A sexy sexy man with a massive schlong that all the ladies love. He is the lord of memes and is respected by all. Anyone who confronts a Robert in a rude manner gets dominated by Robert. What a fuckin g legend. :D
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    based in Brno

    A perfect girl, lovely, beutiful, and jaw dropping. This girl is the ultimate guys dream. This girl is the best thing that you will ever see. She has a nice ass, tan, and sweet.
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    Bright. As in Learns quickly. Intelligent.
    Comes from arabic
    He is very zahi.
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    A cool guy often randomly funny, the name is commonly polish and is often referred to a good looking guy who is nice and knows how to make people laugh and cheer them up. The name originates from the Hebrew and is known as either arch-angel or God.
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    He is: very attractive, extremely funny, a smart person (although others may not think so), and handsome.
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    A once morbidly obese individual who after a series of unfortunate events decided to run uncontrollably and ultimately devolops anorexia and wastes away to a sliver of his/her former self.
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    Pani lesa

    Keďže sa volám rovnako ako @2 hrozne sa bavím na "perfect tan"
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    This person is the most amazing kisser! Very high appeal and very romantic. He has a GREAT personality & an INCREDIBLE sense of humor! Loves to joke & is usually the life of the party. He is not a fighter, but will kick your ass good if it comes down to it. Someone you should hold on to!
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    stratená v paralelnom vesmíre

    Patricia is a very caring, honest, independent, beautiful and passionate woman that radiates with energy. Her laugh is contagious and her advice is taken by many since she is wise. She is an example of what a person should be. She cares a lot about others, more than herself, although it sometimes leads her to anxiety. She is always looking out for everyone, congratulating here and there for birthdays, graduations, and other celebrations (she might even send you letters by mail). She does this without wanting anything in return, she does this because it is simply her. You can trust her with anything and expect no judgement. One of a kind, once you meet her you'll never want to lose her. She an amazing mother, teacher, friend, daughter, wife and an amazing aunt.

    Som proste dokonala (:
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    A Slovakian sex prince that originates from Weymouth and loves to rave and do Molly.

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    25 ročná žena

    Paulina is a quiet person at first, however once you get to know her she's a one crazy motherfucker! Having a friend like her is a treasure, she will make you laugh at the most stupid thing and you will always have a great time with her. She loves nature, animals and children. She's smart but not a boff, she can be very stupid sometimes. She sticks around mainly with her main girls and usually doesn't like meeting new people. She is easy to get along with however once you get on her bad side, she's not so loveable anymore. She will usually friendzone any boy that tries to get close to her unless she REALLY sees that 'something' in the guy. She's into white (tanned) Portuguese, Spanish and mixed race boys.
    She's quite pretty and has a beautiful smile and big brown sparkly eyes, however has a very low self-esteem and always compares herself to other girls, thinking she's worse. She won't accept a compliment either.
    Once you get to know her , you're most likely to fall for her however don't put your hopes to high because she's not up for more than just friendship.

    She doesn't like easy boys as she prefers a little challenge. From time to time she finds girls attractive and might prefer them to boys.
    Paulina is a sex freak and ready to try new things, watch out things might get feisty ;D
    Boy : Damn girl you're so beautiful!!
    Paulina: Ergh, yeah whatever.
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    A krstne meno je dobry joke
    A true friend. The best boyfriend you will ever get. Extremely nice yet sometimes a douche. Very caring and sweet, not to forget handsome and tall. He is a very good hugger and is pretty good at fucking. Doesn't really like horror (more like Hates it) and is a sporty lad. Will most of the times be there for you even if you're not there for him. He likes the good stuff kinda music and isn't very artistic. He's rather sweet though. He's a very awesome dude.
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    A Peter is a man who is the sweetest,kindest man but might not believe it. A Peter believes he has no feelings for anyone when really deep down inside he knows he does. peters might start off on the wrong path but they will eventually make a difference in the world. Peters will use their heart to change people's lives for the better. if you know or have a Peter don't you dare ever let him go. And if you lose him do everything in your power to fight for him and get him back. Never give up. Never let him go because he will be the best thing that will ever happen to you<3

    co urobim, ked som dokonaly
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    Laura: Laura is the true definition of a go getter with the ultimate and personalities. She's a lover a fighter for everything she believes in. When she loves you she loves you with everything she has. She continues to do this even with everything that she's been through in her life. She's kind of a big deal. Laura's are the type that went walking into a room the crowd stops and stares and her amazing Beauty and funny Whimsical personality. Women and mann alike feel comfortable went around Laura. True definition in short an angel from the heavens above with everything you could ever want in a woman.

    Hell yeah
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    22 ročný chalan

    Someone you can't help but fall in love with. Once you meet a Martin your heart belongs to him. He's shy but so friendly. He brightens up you cloudy day and brings colour into your black and white world. He makes you feel special and cared for. Always asking if you're ok. The only way he breaks your heart is because he's got a girlfriend and you can't have him. He's such a loyal boyfriend. Loves to kiss and cuddle. He is so HOT! He is musically inclined and loves music. He can sometimes be lazy, but he still does what he needs to do. He has the most beautiful smile that can make anyones heart melt.
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    Vraj najväčšia diera

    a very beautiful girl with AMAZING hair. she has the best smile and is so nice to everyone but if she hates you its because you did something to piss her off and if she hates you REALLY hates you. you don't wanna piss her off. she's zoo sweet and caring. she will give you the best advice. always bubbly, really outgoing. natalia is really missable. everyone misses her. once you meet her you better keep her cause if you leave her you will miss her after 2 seconds. anyone who gets to date her should feel really lucky cause she has an amazing personality and will make you feel loved. i feel sorry for you if you don't. you meet a natalia who is pieces you better keep her and never loose her. you will regret it. don't loose her.
    kid 1: i love natalia so much
    kid 2: me too lets go stalk her
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    A guy who is somewhat physically attractive(but not perfect). He has a kind caring personality and is always good to his woman. He is not selfish loves the outdoors and sports. He is also a pretty fast runner. He enjoys good food, music,and spending time with is freinds. He is into fishing. He sometimes has brown or black hair. Roman is not afraid to admit that he isn't perfect and also is brave enough to roast himself. He thinks more about others than of himself.

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    Guy 1- i took an Alexandra home last night.

    guy 2- Dude, treat her right, she deserves it.
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    občas sám neviem, v ktorom svete sa práve nachádzam.

    He is as cool as Napoleon riding an AT-AT. His alcohol tolerance is infinite. He makes you smile even when he doesn't want to. His morning breath smells like roses fertilized with unicorn poo. He makes the best popcorn in the world, he serves it with guacamole. You wish you would be just like him, but you know that with great coolness comes great responsibility.
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    19 ročné dievča
    Kyjev, Ukrajina

    Barbora is NOT a Barbie. She's a girl from either Slovak or Czech Republic. A very delightful person, whom people are lucky to have in their lives. She's very independent, smart, with good sense of humor. If you have a Barbora for a friend, you can be sure she will always be there for you but in return expects the same. She can be very supportive and compromise-ready. However, her sweetness goes away once you act inappropriate or unfair to her or her beloved ones. Barbora is a quite responsible person though there is a child's soul within her, that craves for crazy, spontaneous action. Once in love, Barbora can be the perfect girlfriend - caring, understanding and fun to be around. All in all, if you have a Barbora, don't let her go!
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    25 ročná žena

    A sexy, beautiful girl and a loyal friend. She is especially smart and sexy in the way she walks. She lights up any room and makes people swoon. Her hair as soft as a baby kitten and she smells like a rose garden. Never loose this special girl with a k.
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    Ten s tým foťákom

    The most amazing person ever! Always finding ways to have fun and do crazy things. Will do anything to make you feel better even if it makes him look stupid and will probably embarrass you. He doesn’t care what other people think. Very loud! He always smells good. Lives life to the fullest always having fun. He always knows exactly what to say to make you feel better. This is the ... I know, I would be lost without him.
    This one guy named ... that is AMAZING!!
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    Ten s tým foťákom

    The sexy and popular male that everybody falls in love with immediately. “Moje meno” are very sexual and are known to have big cocks and a six pack. “Moje meno” are also very athletic and are known to be great bikers. No one can dislike a “moje meno”.
    That guy is such a “moje meno”.
    Wow! That biker's name must be “moje meno”!
    “Moje meno” is great in bed!
    That sexy guy must be a “moje meno”.
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    18 ročné dievča

    Anna is a person who makes you appreciate life for what it is. She has a smile and a twinkle that will light up a room imediately. She is a puppy at the core and let's everyone know it. Anna loves people for who they are. She is beautiful understanding and funny. If you fall, then Anna will either fall with you, or be the soft hand to help you up.

    Dobré ale najviac ma pobavila veta "She is a puppy at the core and let's everyone know it." (: (love)
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    tvári sa, že má 3 roky
    „Smrťou končí každý problém. Žiadny človek, žiadny problém."

    The most beautiful girl ever. Become her best friend and get to know her amazing personality. She is very sweet and the most comfortable person to talk to. If you're lucky, she'll eventually like you.
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    31 ročný muž
    Kaohsiung, Taiwan

    The absolute best people on the earth. A Mario can always make you smile even when your sad or angry. He’ll go to great lengths to make sure your happy. And 99.9 percent of the time he will succeed. He is a person that you just fall in love with.