- No, I can't tell my mother.. I can't tell anyone...

"It means it would be our secret?"

- Things like that shouldn't be spoken, people wouldn't accept it.

"So your idea is me, you and dark forest?"

- maybe..

"But in this situation we can maybe fall in love."

- Everything can happen, no one knows.

"I can feel my increased heart rate right now."


"It's time for you to write something."

- but I don't know what to write

"I'm curious if your heart rate is increased too."

- I dont like questions like that.. but yes.

"It makes me happy to know, I'm not going to ask questions like that again.
It's enough to know this.
I think this also will be our secret.
Just imagine me, how I'm whispering it to you."

- And it means I'm whispering too?
It's great, because the idea of someone other listening to us doesn't feel good.

"You must know if you are whispering too or not.
Listening to our whispers would feel good."

- Isn't it sin to think about things like that?

"It depends on the point of view, but it is hard to stop your imagination."

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