Once upon a time, there was a person named Carl who suffered from a rare and embarrassing medical condition. Carl had a never-ending case of flatulence that caused his ass to wobble uncontrollably. He felt ashamed of his condition and struggled to find work and make ends meet.

One day, Carl had a stroke of genius. He realized that there might be a market for his flatulence, and decided to start selling jars of his farts on eBay. It wasn't long before Carl's business took off, and he found himself making more money than he ever had before.

Excited by his newfound success, Carl decided to expand his business by hiring someone to help him with his marketing. He reached out to a person named Jack, who also suffered from extreme flatulence and had a similar problem with his ass wobbling uncontrollably.

At first, Jack was hesitant to join Carl's team, but after seeing the success that Carl had achieved, he decided to give it a try. He quickly proved himself to be an excellent marketer, and soon, the two of them were making more money than they had ever dreamed of.

However, as time went on, Jack became more and more competitive with Carl. He started to fart more and more frequently, and his flatulence was becoming smellier and more noxious. Carl realized that Jack was becoming a threat to his business, and he knew that he had to do something to protect his livelihood.

One day, Carl decided to confront Jack about his behavior. They got into a heated argument, and it seemed like their friendship and business partnership might be over. However, after a long and honest conversation, they were able to come to a compromise. They agreed to work together and share the profits, and to focus on quality rather than quantity when it came to their flatulence.

And so, Carl and Jack were able to continue their successful business venture, and they even became friends again. They both knew that their condition was embarrassing and often caused them pain, but they were able to turn their misfortune into something positive and profitable.

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