...som vyhrabal na fejsbúku, som už aj zabudol že som také kedysi napísal =D

This is the official founding document of The Holy Religion of Trutharianism,


- Only God is The Reality (or Universe) itself, and

- Only Goal and purpose in life is to Know God (The Reality) as well as possible.

Our main device to do this is:

- The Holy Fact supported by

- The Blessed Real Data

Which form our Holy Trinity:

- The Reality (the father),

- The Holy Fact (the spirit, which is born from),

- The Blessed Real Data.

Based on this, Trutharianism considers everyone and anyone who doesn't follow and worship this tri-singular god as a heretic deserving of ridicule, debunking and making fun of, which is one of the Holy Obligations of any Trutharian.

Telling a lie about The Holy Reality, or being willfully ignorant about any part of The Holy Reality, and/or ignoring any of The Holy Facts and/or manipulating The Real Data is heretical, therefore makes one a heretic, therefore deserving of aforementioned ridicule, debunking, and making fun of, regardless of whether the heretic is/was or is not/never was part of the religion

Within this framework, everyone learning about The Holy Facts through the power of The Blessed Real Data is obliged to present and spread these Holy Facts in any way they see fit (unless it physically hurts others) and they will be, after death, admitted to The Vault of All Knowledge, which will basically (re)unite them with Our God, The Reality, through access to all of the knowledge about It/Him.

Subsequently, everyone not doing this, or even actively preventing others from doing this, will, after death, be sent to The Abyss of Ignorance and Stupidity, where they will suffer for eternity due to having no idea what the fuck is going on.

You are welcome to join, and to make this an officially registered religion in your country, if (or even better - before) your country makes heretic religious groups that warp and ignore reality protected by law, purely based on them being official religions.

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tequila  14. 7. 2021 16:05
where do i sign up?
midnight  15. 7. 2021 00:12
@tequila you just did.
your application is/will be considered for an undisclosed amount of time via undisclosed means, but you will be informed immediately when the decision to admit/not admit you has been reached.
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