Under the moon, lonely in the sky
walking through fields of grey rye
alone with hope, down in the heart
the dreams come true, only during nights

Longing for wishes to reach the life
actually just one, but would the for five
Thinking of times when the vivid stars
were the steps connecting Venus and Mars.

Shouting in thoughts, nobody can hear
all want to listen, then turn on their heels
with words of admiration, warm and mild
but.. not today, maybe tomorrow you ll find.

Lost in the self, no maze around
just plain land and whispering ground..
Let it be and forget the past
dreams will come true, at last...

But hope is harmed, bleeding through time
there s no word to express it, no rhyme...

tequila  9. 7. 2021 15:35
ved sa to nerymuje
johnysheek  9. 7. 2021 20:47
@tequila a teba sem co priviedlo...
vdaka vsak za tvoj odborny vstup..
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