Sometimes I have a strange feeling,
That I am out of place and time,
As if I were a priest, kneeling,
Or a thief regreting his crime.

In this rather brief moment,
I know what it should be like,
Not "being" it is a torment,
As if my head was on a pike.

You know what is worst about this?
That you know its within your very grasp,
That you once already had what you now miss,
Like drowning man remembering his last gasp.

You can feel the rain in the woods,
Feel the grass under your bare feet,
Recall all of those colorful moods,
When your body and mind and soul meet.

What to do? How to live once more like you did?
Revive your very essence, what you truly are,
Dig from your unconciousness what time so well hid,
To hop onto your live's dangerously fast moving car?

I, I feel I know the answer, its within my reach,
And I know for sure, what is the key, whom I need most,
It is You my love, we have half of the other in our hearts, each,
Without you, I would be just a lost soul, a wanderng ghost.

With you I can live like I was destined to,
You are the queen of my heart and dreams,
My honeyhaired fairy, I know you feel the same too,
You are the sun that keeps me alive with its beams...


Copyright© Finwaell, 2011

antifunebracka  13. 4. 2011 03:18
jeeej, anglicka poezia! chvalim, chvalim
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