Since the last salut have passed couple of months, a few days, many hours, amounth of minutes, but countless love.
In the thoughts, feelings, views, dreams.

You thing about this?

On our gentles touches, like the morning dew running down the leafs on Tulip -flower enternal love.
On our cold breath, like robe of darkness after observe the sun.
It´s all gone, because I´m young and nothing more.
It´s all gone, because I´m young inexperienced and nothing more.

You told me that I wrote when I grow up,
it happened, but my soul said NO !
I decided to wait for your first step.
You note, that I love you.

Save me is to love me how I am.
Set rid of suffering, as you know.
It´s power that I gave to you

455 days, 10 920 hours, 655 200 minutes, and still more ...

tequila  16. 5. 2022 16:19
pomerne novatorska anglictina
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